Kristi Perrin


The UMICS President is an elected position, and they are the brand ambassador and overall leader of UMICS. Additionally, they serve as the indigenous commerce representative within the Asper CSA council.



Cassie Phaneuf

vice president of operations

The UMICS V.P.O. is an elected position, and they coordinate and ensure the overall success of the activities of UMICS. They also assume the president's duties in case of absence.



Jordan Pineau

vice president of finance

The UMICS V.P.F. is an elected position, whose main task is to oversee the UMICS budget and to reconcile the accounts for year's end.


Zachary Toupin

VIce president of marketing

The UMICS V.P.M. is an elected position, whose primary responsibilty is to create all promotional materials and social media, and execute marketing strategies for UMICS.




The UMICS Secretary is an elected position, whose function is to maintain communication with group members and coordinate and document all member meetings.



First year REpresentative

The UMICS First Year Representative is an elected position, whose function is to promote and facilitate communication between first year students of UMICS and the executive team. The First Year Representative also serves to assist the executive team in the planning and execution of our activities and events.